You can now enter your items through voice entry on your smart phone! This is a huge timesaver! Go to to get started.

Infant Limits

Infant sizes 0-9 months will be limited to 50 hanging items (only things on hangers) per consignor code.

We can print your labels for you when you finalize your batch and you can pick them up and adhere them to your items at home.

When you finish your batch of items, send us a text or email with consignor number. We can have them ready for you in no time.

Admission is free!

Rhea Lana events always have free admission and parking! It is our pleasure to have you come to our event and bring your friends. If you are a consignor or a volunteer we do have a special PRE SALE event for you. Each consignor and volunteer will also receive guest passes for their friends. You've earned the early shopping time! We will open to the public the next morning.

We guarantee your items.

If an item is lost or stolen we will pay you for it just as if it sold. We are organized and careful with your things during the week you leave them with us. We will take care of your things like they are our own. The only exception to this is if you label your items at home. LOSS is very low at Rhea Lana's. You can trust us and our careful accounting system with your items.

Let us tell you some things that we do differently from other sales.

Our on-line pricing system is very easy to use. The best part is you can do this work from the comfort of your home. You can set your own prices and choose if you want items to sell for 1/2 price at the end of the sale. You can also choose if any of your unsold items will be donated to a non profit agency. And because you will prepare your items at home you will receive 60% for your work!

Continuing This Sale

We will accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover and debit cards at our sale.

We offer this service so you can make your purchases easily when you check out.

You can print your labels at home or pick them up from us and put them on at home!

As a Consignor, you now have the option to print your barcodes at home. If you bring these items in for check-in and they are in the same order you entered them, we can still guarantee them! If you have questions about this contact us at:

We love Moms-to-Be! Please be a special guest at our event!

If you or a friend is a mom-to-be, click on the Moms-to-Be link to sign up for a Special Guest Pass. As our gift to you, we will give you a pass to shop before the public at our Pre-Sale. Just register and supply us with your baby's due date.